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CANCOM confIDent

Identify customers quickly and securely online.

The ideal solution for digital access to your products and services.

Data and legally secure, confidential and efficient for companies and customers.


  • Document verification with OCR
  • NFC
  • Face matching
  • Liveness check

On request:

  • Agent review loop
  • Second factor (PSD2, ICH app)
  • Fall Back Video Ident
  • 3rd database check (e.g. KSV1870)

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Which sectors benefit most from this?


  • Account openings
  • Opening a securities account
  • Credit agreements
  • Subsequent legitimization of customer data (also possible with own staff)

In the healthcare sector

  • Portal registration of customers for healthcare services, e.g. for laboratories
  • Quick identification of patients for virtual meetings with healthcare providers
  • Quick and easy opening of insurance accounts
  • Patient registration in hospitals

In the education sector

  • Biometrically supported enrollment
  • Simplification of remote examinations

Clear advantage

Is the person in the ID photo actually the person in the ID photo? It's all a question of identity confirmation. And in future, ConfIDent will answer this question quickly and securely.

Digital customer onboarding

  • Save time and money with digitally optimized processes
  • User-friendliness and intuitive operation increase your customer satisfaction
  • Reduce process costs through automation
  • Increase customer conversion through identification from home
  • Gain new customer segments with a modern solution
  • Legal certainty through standardized processes
  • Traceability for reporting and audits

CANCOM Austria as a partner

  • Everything from a single source
  • Flexibility in solution design
  • Design and operation in Austria
  • GWG and DSGVO-compliant
  • Regional presence and experience
  • High service quality


  • Photo identification in accordance with the latest online identification regulation
  • Wide range of options
  • Customized application route
  • User-friendly front end
  • Backend integration into existing systems

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How may I help you?