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Digital visitor registration

Making appointments has never been easier.
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Hello there! You should definitely register now: CANCOM presents hello!, an innovative solution for digital visitor registration. From the invitation to the agreed appointment: hello! makes it easier and more convenient than ever before. For your visitors. For you. For your company. hello! is characterized by a powerful dashboard, simple scaling, tried and tested hardware, personalized visitor badges and central support. Say hello! and make an appointment with your CANCOM innovation professionals right away.

Manage appointments and visitors more efficiently.

Have you often wondered why the organization of appointments and the associated processes consume so much valuable productive time? Can't this be simplified? Yes, you can. With hello!, the digital visitor registration solution from CANCOM. Simple and fast. Your employees make their appointments as usual, hello! does the rest Your visitors register easily, on site or online, hello! does the rest Tiresome, time- and resource-consuming processes relating to appointments and invitations: hello! takes care of them for you.

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How hello works!

E-mail invitation

Your employees arrange appointments as usual and invite people to the appointment via Outlook calendar. hello! manages all the information and takes care of the rest of the process.


Your guests / visitors will receive an email notification with an individual QR code and a link for pre-registration. Registration can then be completed easily and conveniently from anywhere and at any time - right up to on-site check-in.

Terminal check-in

Pre-registered guests / visitors only need to scan the QR code and accept the safety regulations or house rules, that's it. Alternatively, registration can also be completed on site. Your employees will be notified by e-mail.

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Our offers

From small businesses to global high-security enterprises and everything in between!

Our intuitive pricing model allows you to scale visitor management for one or all of your workplaces worldwide.

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All the advantages of hello!

And when do you say hello to hello!

Relief for reception staff

Digital visitor registration effectively reduces the workload of reception staff by replacing time-consuming manual procedures with automated processes.

Easy, multilingual operation & integration

With an intuitive user interface, visitors and employees can easily use the system without the need for extensive training or instructions. The multilingual support makes it possible to meet the needs of international companies and visitors.

No more paper or Excel lists

The introduction of digital visitor registration completely eliminates the need for paper or Excel lists. This brings with it numerous advantages such as environmental friendliness, error reduction, etc.

Compliance with GDPR & retention periods

Careful compliance with the GDPR and retention periods is crucial to ensure the privacy of visitors and avoid potential legal issues.

Traceability, transparency & reporting

Traceability, transparency and reporting in digital visitor registration help to ensure data protection, increase visitor confidence, improve efficiency and enable better control over the reception area.

Low costs thanks to Software-as-a-Service

Focusing on operations and managing visitor registration is made easier, while ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

hello! in practice


The hello! basic features:

  • Robust, user-friendly hardware with
  • Touchscreen,
  • QR reader and printer
  • Touchless check-in and check-out
  • Language options German / English
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Visitor registration software
  • adapted to your location
  • Expandable to any number of locations
  • No limit for appointment bookings
  • Visitor memory for repeated visits
  • E-mail Invitation Wizard
  • Pre-registration
  • Visitor ID
  • Safety briefing
  • Arrival notification
  • Release for couriers and delivery services
  • Export of the appointment overview
  • Statistics and evaluations
  • Simple onboarding via user guide
  • Services (during service hours): Software maintenance, fault reporting by email and telephone
  • Data security and data protection in accordance with GDPR
  • 30-day data retention period
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we transform for the better

Terminal variants

In addition to our software solution, we offer a comprehensive range of terminals on which visitor registration can be operated efficiently.

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