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The automated production planning system
from CANCOM Austria

adaptsindividually to your business processes.

Individual customer requirements. Fluctuating capacity utilization. Short-term demand. Uncertain supply of raw materials. Rising energy prices. More restrictive environmental regulations. Production processesare becoming increasingly complex. Fast and agile production processes are needed to meet this challenge.

This is where smart production planningcan support you. With the help of smart artificial intelligence (AI), we ensure efficient and sustainable production. Together with you and your team, we analyze the initial situation and develop a tailor-made solution for you.

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See everything at a glance. With Smart Planning.

This is how it works: The dashboard gives you a quick overview of current production per location. The most important key performance indicators such as stock levels, capacity utilization, deviation and calculated CO2 emissions are clearly displayed here in comparison to the previous month.

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Plan everything in one go. With Smart Planning.

As the heart of your automated production planning, the tool enables you to plan your production quickly. Whether different production lines, stock levels or delivery times - all different parameters can be easily planned and adapted in a weekly or monthly plan. The use of AI enables accurate forecasts to be created, improving the traceability and transparency of planning.

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Simulate everything
with one click.
With Smart Planning.

Easily evaluate and simulate the impact of plan changes on your production. The "planning mixer" makes it possible: deactivation of locations or the adjustment of stock levels, buffers or CO2 reduction - possible scenarios are run through in no time at all and enable well-founded decisions to be made.

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Find out about the advantages of our automated production planning.

Smart Planning

production planning?

Automation accelerates planning processes, relieves employees, optimizes resources, reduces costs and enables flexible production for higher sales with less effort.

How your employees benefit

Acceleration ofplanningprocesses
Faster processes enable automation to achieve the same goal with less power, raw materials and tools.

Relief for production planners
The planning effort is reduced in terms of time and human error is minimized. Artificial intelligence as a "digital colleague" supports the existing production team, but control remains with the employees.

More capacity for processimprovements
With the help of analysis and simulation functions, weak points and optimization potential are identified early on in the planning process.


benefits your company:

Automation software enables more efficient processes to achieve goals with fewer resources, energy and tools, thereby optimizing energy costs, CO2 emissions and resource consumption.

Both time-related costs and downtime costs caused by the scheduling of new orders or short-term machine breakdowns are minimized.

Flexible production
Better planning reduces the amount of capital tied up in the company and supports the establishment of just-in-time production.


Become a pioneer. With CANCOM Austria.

Formerly Kapsch BusinessCom, we can look back on 130 years of experience in information technology. We are constantly evolving and know the needs of the industry through our in-depth industry know-how, many years of experience and additional external experts. Our top priority is the best quality in consulting and implementation as well as innovative, individual products through the combination of ideal hardware and excellent software solutions (end-to-end).

In automated production planning, we focus on your existing business processes and the individual know-how of the production planners. We expand your existing process for agile growth and future-proof solutions. And we do so in an uncomplicated and efficient manner.


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Start your future. With Smart Planning.

7 steps to efficient planning.

Change doesn't have to be difficult. To make the implementation of automated production planning as pleasant and easy as possible for you, we have developed a simple 7-step process in which we accompany you on your way to more efficient production. On your marks, get set, ..


Protect the

And your wallet. With Smart Planning.

With automatic production planning, you not only save your own resources, you also do something good for the environment.

The tool makes your entire supply chain more efficient. As production is geared towards customer requirements depending on the location, you save on unnecessary transportation and storage costs. In this way, you make your contribution to sustainability, reduce your expenses and efficiently counteract increased energy costs.


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CANCOM Digitalmakers: Shaping the digital future together

We love digitalization. We talk corporate. And we tackle it - together with you.

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"The elaborate and complex planning process took a lot of time. It was very difficult to map and, above all, collate the data in Excel. CANCOM's planning tool as a "digital planning colleague" helps us to speed up this process and, above all, to subject it to quality assurance thanks to the transparency in the use of the data. The agile approach and the close cooperation in the project with our planning managers and CANCOM made it possible to create a tool that is tailored and optimized to our process."

Reinhard Fritz




Case Study


Development and integration of a smart planning solution for production optimization at Condeli.

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