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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management with AI from CANCOM Austria.
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The subtle difference between CRM and CEM is quickly explained: While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is intended to optimize the relationship between companies and customers, Customer Experience Management (CEM) aims to turn satisfied customers into loyal customers and loyal customers into "enthusiastic ambassadors" of the brand or product.
And this works best via optimal digital touchpoints and with innovative artificial intelligence made in Austria by CANCOM Austria.

CEM encompasses various aspects, including understanding customers' needs and expectations, as well as creating seamless interaction opportunities across different channels.


The goal of customer experience management is to create an exceptional customer experience that satisfies customers, builds loyalty, generates positive word of mouth and ultimately leads to greater customer loyalty, increased sales and business success.

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  • Expert know-how through customer experience management focus
  • Artificial intelligence can be seamlessly integrated thanks to CANCOM
  • Everything from a single source - from consulting and design to managed service
  • Flexible progression - with our own development department, no challenge is too difficult for us
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Your advantages at a glance

CANCOM Austria works together with renowned partners and manufacturers to offer you the best solution for your requirements.

Functionalities and services

Applications offered by CANCOM

  • Call and email routing
  • WhatsApp
  • Social media integration
  • Chat and voice bots
  • ...


Flexible growth of the application

infinite number of agents and channels

Increase in customer satisfaction

Exploiting potential

  • Accessibility
  • Personalization

Artificial intelligence

Smart use of AI

  • Counteracts the shortage of skilled workers
  • repetitive activities are saved

Cloud, on-prem, CXaaS

Individual requirements

many possibilities - all from CANCOM

24/7 customer service

Setting new standards

...through automation and self-service

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Our AI focus for customer experience management

Personalized customer experiences:

AI-based chatbots and virtual assistants can answer frequently asked questions, solve problems and carry out simple transactions. This relieves customer service teams and customers receive quick and precise answers around the clock.

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Efficient processes:

In addition to optimizing customer communication in service, an effective customer experience requires the automation of recurring customer inquiries. Speech dialog systems support companies in improving their customer service in a natural way and automating processes end-to-end.

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Real-time feedback and sentiment analysis:

AI can monitor and analyze social media, customer reviews and other online sources in real time. This gives companies insights into the opinions, needs and moods of their customers. This information can be used to improve products and services and respond to customer feedback.

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Proactive customer management:

AI can help predict customer behavior and identify problems at an early stage. By analyzing data, for example, companies can identify potential churn trends and take targeted measures to retain customers.

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Effective cross-selling and upselling:

AI can analyze customer profiles and generate relevant product recommendations. Companies can use these recommendations to make tailored cross-selling and upselling offers to their customers and thus increase sales.

Natural analysis of spoken or written texts:

Large language models offer the possibility of understanding natural language and entering into conversations in an equally "human" way. With ChatGPT in particular, these possibilities are much discussed and enable a significantly improved understanding of customer needs.

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Functionalities and services

With CANCOM Austria you have various options for implementing customer experience management:

  • Chat Bot

    The use of a chatbot in customer service offers many advantages. 24/7 availability, fast response times, cost efficiency and the ability to process a large number of customer inquiries simultaneously. As a result, customer questions can be answered more efficiently and in less time, which leads to a positive customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Voice Bot

    The use of a voicebot in customer service offers benefits such as improved accessibility for customers, more efficient processing of inquiries and a reduction in waiting times. By using voice recognition and processing technologies, companies can increase customer satisfaction by enabling seamless and user-friendly voice interaction.

  • E-mail routing

    Using an email routing system allows companies to organize customer support efficiently and ensure that requests are processed quickly and accurately. By automatically forwarding emails to the right recipients or teams, response times are improved.

  • WhatsApp Business Integration

    WhatsApp integration refers to the incorporation of WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform, into a company or organization's communication strategy. By integrating WhatsApp, companies can offer customers a direct and convenient way to interact with them and offer various services.

  • Social media integration

    A company wants to integrate social media into its customer experience management in order to improve the customer experience, collect customer feedback and respond to customer concerns. By integrating social media into customer experience management, the company can gain a holistic view of customer interactions and strengthen customer loyalty.

  • Channel change

    Channel switching in customer experience management refers to the seamless handover and continuity of customer interactions across different communication channels. It is about ensuring that customers can start their interactions on one channel and then smoothly switch to another channel without losing their contextual information or the progress of their requests.

  • Advantages of CXaas

    Overall, CXaaS enables companies to deliver high-quality customer experiences without the complexity and cost of developing their own solutions. It offers flexibility, scalability and expertise to help companies increase customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage.

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