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Data Center Infrastructure

The data center is the heart of every company's IT.

Business processes

How can business processes be made more flexible?


How can a company keep pace with the developments of increasing digitalization?


How can physical components be virtualized?

Data volumes

What is the best way to deal with increasing data volumes?


How can the use of energy and resources be made more efficient?

Cloud services

How do you make the best use of cloud services?

Virtualization - optimizing the IT infrastructure with CANCOM solutions

In the course of virtualization, software-based (virtual) versions of physical components are created. These can be operating systems, servers, storage devices or other components. Advantages such as cost savings, better workload mobility and higher resource performance and availability can be realized.

  • Server virtualization: running multiple operating systems on one physical server
  • Network virtualization: fully replicate physical networks in virtual networks
  • Desktop virtualization : this allows users to access their familiar desktop working environment remotely

Containers are becoming increasingly important when it comes to the development and use of applications. Applications are becoming ever more complex and the need for faster development is constantly increasing. Containers are used in IT in various phases and environments. Especially in the development and use of complex applications, they help to reduce problems and speed up processes. In container management - also known as orchestration - applications are set up with a pool of resources in a public cloud or data center without great effort.

CANCOM Austria is available to companies for all questions relating to orchestration tools and operating variants for such container ecosystems.


Converged and hyperconverged infrastructures

More and more companies want to move away from owning and managing hardware. The use of flexible self-service models, in which resources are used as required, is on the increase. The right solution for this is a converged infrastructure. The result of bundling hardware components with management software is a single integrated system that simplifies data center management. In addition, the time-to-value is shorter compared to IT assets in independent silos. Another advantage: companies that opt for a converged infrastructure find it easier to implement private clouds or hybrid clouds.

In a hyperconverged infrastructure, IT components such as servers, storage, virtual machines and networking are combined into a single software-defined system. The components are decoupled from the hardware and can therefore be centrally administered and monitored.

Backup and restore

Backup and recovery solutions from CANCOM Austria protect business-critical data or restore it quickly if it is lost for various reasons.


Solutions from CANCOM Austria support document management

Storage systemsand networks

A distinction is made here between Direct Attached Storage, Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Network. The decision for a network depends on the individual requirements.


For optimal solutions, CANCOM Austria uses the best servers on the market - with large storage capacities and high storage speeds.

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Only pay for what you need: Consumption-based infrastructure provisioning brings freedom, flexibility and cost savings.

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Everything! Safe! Recovered! IT Disaster Recovery Architecture from CANCOM Austria.

CANCOM Austria's IT Disaster Recovery Architecture is the accelerated and automated recovery strategy for emergencies.

On-premises - Secure Offsite Backup

Staying one step ahead of ransomware and cyberattacks. But how? With CANCOM Secure Offsite Backup as a Service. Backups are hosted offsite in an Austrian data center, without any additional investment.

Active Directory - Security Review

In recent months, there has been a sharp increase in cases where security gaps and misconfigurations have been exploited. Our On-Premises Active Directory Review offers you an inventory including recommendations for improving your security

Backup Health Check

How well equipped is your backup environment for the current challenges? Have your backups checked now. Without a prescription and as highly effective preventive healthcare with the Backup Healthcheck from CANCOM Austria.

Infrastructure Readiness Assessment

In today's fast-paced business world, a robust and efficient IT infrastructure is essential. Our Infrastructure Readiness Assessment is specifically designed to analyze and optimize the readiness and performance of your IT environment.

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