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Smart Products

Intelligently networked.
With product and customer.

Smart Products from CANCOM Digital Makers

Intelligently networked. With product and customer.

Cumbersome product operation. Missing usage data. Surprising errors. Time-consuming maintenance. Your product is difficult to access after the sale. To meet this challenge, you need fast and location-independent access for all users.

This is where 'CANCOM Smart Products' supports you: With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), we create networked products that help you to bring your product digitally closer to the company and your customer - regardless of your batch size. Together with you and your team, we analyze the initial situation and develop a tailor-made solution for you and thus the basis for your business model of the future.

Set the course for the next generation of your products.
Your entire company will benefit.


Increase in customer loyalty

With the help of digital services, you are in continuous contact with your customers and thus have the opportunity for long-term customer loyalty.

for sales,productmanagement

Increase in service quality

Location-independent access to customer systems enables you to optimize time, costs and, above all, the quality of your service performance, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

for PdM,customer service, field service

Improvement of
product quality

Transparency in the usage behavior of your customers allows you to measure the quality of your products and thus ensure and improve them in the long term.

for product management, R&D

More effective Customer service

A customer profile that can be viewed quickly and intelligent alarms enable your customer service team to rectify faults promptly and proactively before the customer even notices.

forcustomer service, field service

More convenient product use

With the help of a digital control and evaluation option, your products can be operated from anywhere in the world with any end device.

for PdM, customer, sales

Targeted field serviceassignments

Timely advance information enables your technical field service to be better prepared for the on-site assignment and thus saves expensive multiple trips.

for customer, field service,customer service

Focused Product development

Available product usage and service data can be used as the basis for a targeted expansion of the functional scope of your product.

for PdM, R&D, sales

Stand out from the competition

Digital product features give you a competitive edge over your rivals and are a spark for marketing and sales.

for PdM, Sales, CDO

Establishment of new
business models

New business models such as pay-per-use can be established for your product based on immediately available usage data.

for PdM, sales, CDO

All products at a glance. With Smart Products.

The central dashboard allows your customer to keep an eye on the current status of the products so that they can act quickly if necessary. The structure adapts to your customer's situation - no matter how many products your customer has in use and how individual each of them is. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface helps your customer to manage the products.

Customer/Customer Service/Field Service

kbc smartproducts dashboard

All problems solved quickly. With Smart Products.

If an error occurs, the intelligent product notifies your customer anywhere in the world and your customer can start solving the problem immediately. If the error cannot be rectified - or if there is just a simple question - your trained customer service can provide seamless remote support. If the fault does require on-site intervention, your field service will have all the information they need for an effective intervention.


kbc fehlerbehebung

A better overview of all data.
With Smart Products.

The usage data of your products helps you to take your product development and research to the next level. With the help of easily configurable diagrams in varying degrees of detail, you have the foundation for your future product strategies and decisions. Not only can you identify frequently and rarely used features of your product, you can also use the data to further improve the quality of your products.

Product management/researchand development

kbc smartproducts datenanalys

We understand

We love digitalization. We talk corporate. And we tackle it - together with you.

CANCOM Digitalmakers: Shaping the digital future together

As CANCOM Digitalmakers, we are committed to making the world a little more digital. Why? So that we can simply make processes, products and business models simpler, better and more scalable. And to create new potential and opportunities.

We ride the digital wave, but stay grounded in the facts. Without any buzzword bingo. Do you have a problem? We don't have a solution - because we develop it together with you.

We understand what is important to companies and their target groups. Why? Because our 130 years of experience as CANCOM Austria (formerly Kapsch BusinessCom) have enabled us to gather a wealth of know-how and do-how with the help of numerous industry and technology experts. And we share this knowledge with you.

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Start your future. With Smart Products.

7 steps to your intelligent product

With 'CANCOM Smart Products', we value individuality - but that doesn't mean we have to reinvent the wheel every time. To save you time and money, we make use of an established modular system and solutions and the experience gained from a large number of past customer projects.

The result? A sensible overall solution. Starting with the concept, through software development to successful rollout and ongoing development. We do it digitally. In our 7-step process.


Ready for the
next step?

'Smart Products' combined with a comprehensive Customer Platform.

Contact us for more details on yourholistic 'Customer Platform' solution.

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"Thanks to their broad-based experts, agile way of working and communication at eye level, CANCOM implemented a modern 'Internet of Things' landscape from the interface to the UI/UX design, and in the shortest possible time."

DI Dr. Hubert Rams

Head of System Development - Fröling Heizkessel- und Behälterbau GmbH


"After intensive preparatory work, we came to Microsoft Azure and CANCOM. We appreciate the goal-oriented, professional approach of the team. CANCOM Austria is a partner at eye level who understands our business and supports us not only technologically, but also methodically and strategically in business model innovation. This fits perfectly with our solution-oriented way of working."

Markus Ecker

Chief Development Officer - Röchling Industrial Oepping


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