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Open Circularity Platform

A just society. Saving the environment. Sustainable management.

Let's shape a better future together.
Join us in creating a platform that combines sustainability with economic growth.

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People - A just society.
A fair society that creates impact together for a sustainable tomorrow and changes things for the better.

Planet - Protecting the environment.
Less waste. Less environmental impact. Less fossil raw materials.

Profit - Sustainable business.
Circular business models. New sales markets and customer groups. Sharing and maximizing use. Sustainably securing value chains.

Open Circularity Platform

We connect the participants in the value chain, create an exchange of information and promote trade with each other.

Together, we are developing a platform that creates transparency, simplifies the traceability of product and material flows, generates added value through the exchange of information, provides services in the area of re- and up-cycling and forms the basis for new joint business models in the circular economy.

A modular system of digitalization components such as AI, IoT, IT infrastructure and payment services is driving circularity.

Logistics, order and backend systems interact via the platform. This optimizes processes.

Materials and resources are tracked, creating transparency in the footprint.

A network from all parts of the value chain and cross-industry players is developing joint business models for the circular economy.

Get on board with us and let's drive the development of the platform forward together.

"BYOF" the expert know-how from every part of the value chain

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  • As a Member , you will have access to the platform and the interfaces for using the benefits.
  • As an Innovator , you will actively participate in the development of the platform and services.
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