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FIX Building Security + Service

Digitization of the process chain with WorkHeld.
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Who is
FIXBuilding Security + Service?

FIX Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH is a leading specialist for safety and efficiency in modern building operations. The aim: to prevent personal injury and damage to property through regular and professional maintenance work on doors, gates and fire and smoke protection curtains in compliance with current standards and legal regulations. FIX is part of the Peneder Group and stands for over 30 years of experience, certified service partnership and comprehensive expertise in fire protection constructions.

Business Challenge

FIX has been using digital solutions for over ten years, primarily for maintenance logs for door and gate systems. In the meantime, however, the requirements have increased significantly. The software previously used can no longer keep up. There are many additional operating resources and products with new assets and options. The goal: digital management of all processes, consistency of the entire workflow, simplification of handling for service technicians, integration of additional data such as photos, technical and organizational documentation.


The WorkHeld software offers digital workflows and remote support for industry and services. WorkHeld makes mobile maintenance efficient and simplified:

  • Improved deployment planning for service teams
  • Optimization of spare parts management and plant documentation
  • Transparency regarding working times, machine status and costs
  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Consistency from service to billing
  • Simplification of the planning of technician assignments
  • Easy-to-understand software
  • Basic platform offers clearly defined handling
Future prospects

At FIX, the aim is to extend digitization to the comprehensive recording of entire buildings. This is not just about the service area, but about the buildings as a whole. With more data, the integration of object photographs and 3D representations and the consistent localization of images and operating resources in a complex digital management system.

We felt that we were in very good hands with KBC and WorkHeld. Our ideas were understood and our own ideas were not rejected, on the contrary, they were accepted and integrated. All in all, we were able to realize this project well together.

Robert Punzenberger

Managing Director FIX Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH

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