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Optical quality assurance of building materials

A leading manufacturer of building materials and building systems in Europe and far beyond.
A manufacturer of building materials and building systems

The company produces modern dry construction systems, plasters and accessories, external thermal insulation composite systems, paints, flowing screeds and floor systems, machines and tools for the application of these products as well as insulating materials.

CANCOM Austria emerged from K-Businesscom (formerly Kapsch BusinessCom) at the beginning of 2024. The following case study was written before that and therefore the text was left in the original version.

Business Challenge

High quality standards lead to decisive competitive advantages. However, these require control. Product(ion) defects of any kind lead to inefficiency, higher costs and customer dissatisfaction.


The AI Quality Enhancer automatically detects errors in production and thus prevents defective products from leaving the factory. Also available on Microsoft Azure.

Workshop with AI experts

Possible applications in processes are shown

Work in Progress

Identify & refine the use cases

The result:

a clear roadmap for the implementation of AI in the company

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