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Development and integration of a comprehensive IoT controller solution.
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Who is

Zoerkler, based in Jois in Burgenland, is a reliable partner for the development of high-quality drive systems in global plant engineering in the aerospace, railway, automotive and industrial sectors. Research and development, design, testing and series production all come from a single source. Building on the principle of "the spirit of precision", Zoerkler's top priorities are quality, precision, reliability, safety and innovation.

CANCOM Austria emerged from K-Businesscom (formerly Kapsch BusinessCom) at the beginning of 2024. The following case study was written before that and therefore the text was left in the original version.

Business Challenge

The Zoerkler machine park is very heterogeneous. Older machines work alongside and with the latest production systems, and the manufacturers of the machines are also different. The communication standards OPC-UA and MQTT are in use. Zoerkler needed to implement a new machine execution system for production planning and production control. A solution with which all machines and all communication standards can be managed in an integrated manner.


KBC first optimized Zoerkler's IT infrastructure for the long term. In the next step, an IoT solution was developed and implemented that standardizes all communication standards and enables real-time production management and plant monitoring.


Development, planning and integration of the solution


IoT controllers record machine data and forward it in real time directly to the central machine execution system for processing. This provides precise production figures and transparency in the manufacturing process. At the same time, real-time monitoring of machine statuses and capacity utilization makes it possible to proactively reduce machine downtimes to a minimum using predictive maintenance.

  • Proactive real-time monitoring
  • Minimize machine downtime thanks to predictive maintenance
  • Reduction of downtimes, minimization of downtime risks
  • Shorten set-up and production times

Agile project management and a strong team spirit are essential for industrial digitalization projects. Together with KBC, we succeeded in implementing this complex project on time and in top quality. The spirit of precision has driven all project participants in the long term.

Thomas Kramer

Project Manager Zoerkler

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