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ChatGPT for company data

An Austrian bank is a local supplier and partner of the regional economy in Austria.
An Austrian banking institution.

The Austrian banking group is the largest banking group in the country. As a universal banking group, it offers its customers a comprehensive range of financial services. Benefit from the comprehensive services of your local bank and the innovative digital offerings.

Business Challenge

The support teams receive many questions from customers every day - by email, phone or chat. The aim was to channel this and offer customers the best customer experience. AI-based chatbots and virtual assistants can answer frequently asked questions and carry out simple transactions. This relieves the burden on customer service teams and customers receive quick and precise answers around the clock.


Augmented Conversational AI offers numerous advantages for companies and organizations that want to improve their communication and make it more efficient. On the one hand, Augmented Conversational AI can reduce the cost and time spent on customer service by automatically answering or forwarding frequent inquiries. On the other hand, Augmented Conversational AI can also increase customer loyalty and retention by providing personalized and relevant information, recommendations or offers - in a customer portal running on Microsoft Azure.

Benefits for everyone around the company:
  • Embedded AI in everyday working life
  • Work more efficiently
  • Direct customer facing
The next era of user experience
  • Understanding of content
  • Clearer articulation
  • Better findability
  • Higher user satisfaction
  • Cost & time savings
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