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Webinar Cisco Full Stack Observability

05. Apr 2022 10:00 - 11:00

Long waiting times and unstable apps jeopardize your customers' satisfaction and therefore your sales. In a hybrid world, your workloads are distributed across several public clouds and your in-house data center. This makes it almost impossible to maintain a complete overview and keep all processes under control. Cisco's Full Stack Observability framework orchestrates your costs in the public clouds with optimal performance, improves the management of your on-prem infrastructure and increases utilization efficiency. This allows you to retain full control over the distributed IT world of the next generation.

Let us show you how ..

... AppDynamics offers you traceability of every step in your application or container environment and, together with Secure Application, also identifies vulnerabilities in used libraries

... ThousandEyes supports you in monitoring the end-user experience of your employees from the home office to your data center and also towards cloud services. You can also use ThousandEyes to monitor SD-WAN routes at distributed locations and detect outages or faults on the Internet.

... Intersight helps you configure and operate your on-premises infrastructure as a hybrid cloud operating platform, but also helps you optimize costs by integrating with hyperscalers.

Our experts will explain and demonstrate how you can increase visibility in your IT landscape and what benefits are on offer.


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