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Frequency Measurement
as a Service

F for flexibility, Q for quality, M for management

CANCOM now sheds light on the behavior of your customers: According to the motto "Know your customer", FQM provides you with an innovative and highly efficient solution for more knowledge about your customers. For example, for the more targeted use of marketing measures at the POS or POI. With FQM, you know when, where and how many customers enter, how much time they spend at a particular location and how long they linger at promotional placements and similar information points. Frequencies, dwell time, times. And all of this is data-secure and GDPR-compliant. Regardless of whether it's a "small solution" or a global concept, for example for internationally operating companies with a large branch network.

How FQM as a service works

FQM from CANCOM Austria provides all the necessary functionalities and features for the recording and evaluation of people flows - and only to authorized users. In the CANCOM Cloud Platform, users configure their individual dashboards or transfer the data to subsequent applications via interfaces. Data collection and analysis are implemented in compliance with GDPR.


Measured data on visitor flows at action zones.


Marketing measures implemented can be evaluated in the branches or across the board.


Cross-branch measurement of visitor flows with maximum data security and GDPR compliance.

Technical features

  • Interfaces to optical 3D sensors, display in floor plan, division into zones and stores enable an intuitive overview
  • Predefined widgets allow all relevant data, such as zones of interest, dwell time, capacity utilization... can be visualized and compared at the click of a mouse
  • Administrative features such as client separation and user management enable targeted access to the relevant data
  • Professional sensors and data processing compliant with the GDPR for genuine 24/7 use
  • Highly available cloud infrastructure with secure certified data center according to ISO/IEC 27001 standards

Your possible dashboard:


Tracking data, as is standard in online retail.

With FQM, stationary retailers gain insights that are in no way inferior to the tracking possibilities of online retail in order to optimize the shopping experience and thus increase sales figures.


Complex or large systems safely in view.

With FQM you gain important insights and data on visitor frequency and can thus react to your circumstances in order to optimize absorption rates and visitor flows.


Measure visitor flows and the interests of your guests.

Avoid waiting times, optimize capacity utilization, equalize peak times, maintain an overview: Whether in rooms or on event sites, FQM is the ideal tool for checking the effectiveness of your concept.


Better planning in the smart office, self-service and service areas.

FQM is the optimal solution for tracking visitor frequency, calculating conversions between the self-service area and service area and the time spent in queues at counters, machines and information terminals. This enables you to implement a coordinated and customer and employee-oriented solution for each branch.

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Our frequency measurement as a service offer for you

FQM is the new abbreviation for transparency and efficiency.

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Frequency measurement as a service from CANCOM Austria

FQM provides you with a highly effective tool for measuring customer and visitor frequency with GDPR-compliant data collection. Smart, flexible, future-proof.

FQM & se:connects

FQM + se:connects = better planning in the Smart Office and a real-time overview of booked and available workstations. Combined with a user-friendly app for booking workstations, tracking the number of people and providing an overview of the office.

Smart Valley

Tourists and day visitors discover the most beautiful places in the Alps. But where do they come from? How long do they stay? The Smart Valley solution from CANCOM Austria provides reliable answers to these questions - and delivers important basic information for the visitor guidance systems in the respective regions

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