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Welcome to the customer portal of
CANCOM Austria.

What is "myCANCOM"?

As a user of our customer portal, you can enjoy digital services whenever and wherever you want.


Buy and manage CANCOM-Cards in myCANCOM and keep track of your points balance.

The advantages of myCANCOM:

  • You have an overview of your CANCOM Cards at all times thanks to 24/7 online access.
  • You are automatically informed before your cards expire or when your points balance is low.
  • You save time, as orders for your CANCOM Cards are processed completely here.
  • You can act faster, as information and data are always available in "real time". You can see what services our technicians have provided and how many points you have used.


This myCANCOM function brings transparency to order processing 

The advantages of myCANCOM:

  •  You will always find the right contact person for your orders
  • Your orders are displayed with the current status at a glance
  • Current delivery information on the ordered components, such as the expected delivery date and tracking information, are available to you at the touch of a button
  • The delivery bills and CANCOM invoice copies are provided for you as PDF downloads


Account management

  • Manage your company's master data and user profiles in the myCANCOM portal from the comfort of your home, office or on the move.
  • Define your Customer Admin (main user), who can then create and manage additional users.


Do you have questions about "myCANCOM", our customer portal? We have the answers .Click on the appropriate question andyou will receive your answer.

  • Who can register in the myCANCOM customer portal?

    As an existing CANCOM customer you have the possibility to register on myCANCOM.

  • How can I register in the myCANCOM customer portal?

    If you are interested in registering, please get in touch with your sales contact person.

  • How can I log in to the myCANCOM customer portal after registration?
    Do I have to log in again each time?

    Log in with your e-mail address, enter your password and use your personal MFA code from the Authenticator app for authentication. The code can only be used once per login - for security reasons, you must therefore log in with a new code each time. We will be happy to help you set up the Authenticator app. 
    Please contact for this.

  • I have forgotten my password or would like to change it. What can I do?

    Click on "Forgot password" in the login screen.

  • Several contact persons in my company need access.
    How and where can I manage access?

    Your company's Customer Admin can independently add additional users and manage their roles in User Management.

  • What functions does myCANCOM offer?

    You can manage your CANCOM Card in myCANCOM. You have the option of buying new pre-paid cards 24/7 and/or recharging existing pre-paid cards. You can also view the validity and points balance of your CANCOM Card at any time.  

    You can also view all details relating to the technician hours booked, which are billed via a CANCOM Card, directly online in myCANCOM.

  • I have additional questions. Who can I contact?

    For technical questions, please contact
    For content-related questions, please contact your responsible account manager.

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